Five Korean ingredients from the stars of KoreaNYC

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Neung-i mushroom, by Tony Yoo, 24 Seasons, Seoul.

What is it and where is it found? “Neung-i is impossible to grow. To get this, we have to go deep into the forest in autumn. The aroma is so authentic – it smells like wet forest, old trees and it also has an earthy, flowery aroma. It’s also known as ‘Aromatic Mushroom’.”
How to cook it and what it tastes like: Neung-i is very valuable. The drying process enhances the aroma and chewy texture and the colour turns black when it’s cooked.
Tony’s tip: “I love this because it makes dishes very authentic and attractive even if we don’t use any meat. Also, dried neung-i is great for making tea. Just imagine the aroma!”

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